Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vicki's Birthday

Hello Again.  Today is my friend Vicki's birthday " HAPPY BIRTHDAY  VICKI" and this is what we gave her.

It is a combination of my last two posts and in some of her favourite colors.  So I decided I would get her a scarf for her present as it would fit into the lovely bag.

I gave it to her last night when we went to her house for a very enjoyable meal and she loved it  (as I knew she would).  She was actually at my house crafting with me when I made the card but I didn't tell her what I intended to use it for.


  1. How gorgeous what a lovely gift.
    How crafty are you making it in front of her. LOL

  2. I love making things for recipients while they are right in front of me. I love it when they "ohhh and ahhh" and then their eyes light up when you present it to them. A lovely gift for Vicki!


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